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Remote Training

What is Remote Training?

Remote Training is working with an experienced personal trainer from CrossFit Salem from the comfort of your home. During times when you cannot get into the gym this is an     excellent option for achieving those fitness goals and having the accountability of a personal trainer. 

How does it work?

Everything starts with a free phone consultation. We listen to your goals and craft a program that will help you reach them. Common goals are weight loss, strength gains, and     overall physical health improvements. Every situation is different but here are some examples of current remote training clients:

1. Weight loss: Several workouts a week via video chat where a trainer reviews your progress, monitors the workouts, and provides feedback/encouragement. 

2. Strength gains: Initial evaluation to establish current strength levels then we assign a weekly program to follow at home with bi-monthly video check ins. 

3. Military ACFT testing improvements: We understand the new Army Combat Fitness Test better than anyone as it is mostly CrossFit based. Weekly video chat workout sessions help you with technique and give you drills to work on at home. 

4. Overall health: We have a home workout platform that includes daily videos and workouts you can do at home. This program starts with 6 video chat personal training sessions and then you complete the workouts from there on your own. More PT is available as needed. 


Normal in-person personal training is $75 per session, remote training is $50 per session. Workout programs depend on the complexity and range from $20 – $200 per month. 

How to start?

Contact us at info@crossfitsalem.com to set up an initial consultation.