Hi, I’m’ Patrick! I love movement. I also love Salem. This community has been a gift to my family and I’m honored to pour back into it. While movement training and therapy has been a supplemental vocation for the past 10+ years, it is undoubtedly one of my greatest passions.
I joined Crossfit Salem during the pandemic for a place to workout during the cold winter mornings and have stayed for the community. Crossfit Salem (and the West Box!) are filled with good and fiercely loyal people from all walks of life. I’m confident newcomers can find genuine connection and community here.
Along my journey I’ve learned from some incredible teachers and hold certifications in performance training, programming, nutrition, movement and mobility. Foundationally, I try and approach each individual I coach with curiosity, empathy and creativity; all in effort to best serve where they are at in life.
Beyond CF Salem I partner with my lovely wife and best friend in a family commercial real estate business while raising our two wacky, wild and beautiful children.