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ACFT Training

ACFT Prep Class
This class has been developed to help soldiers year round to be combat ready. With this program you will be able to pass the ACFT and improve your overall fitness and health which will make you ready for any situation that may arise.

Specialized classes on Monday & Wednesday from 7am-8am + access to Saturday classes as well. These classes are intended to improve your performance on the Army Combat Fitness Test. Anyone is welcome, not just active duty soldiers. Here are some of the details:

  • Active duty instructors with coaching and ACFT training credentials
  • Specialized equipment for the ACFT program
  • Proven training protocols to improve your performance
  • 3 month commitment (train all year and never worry about passing!)
  • Access to Saturday CrossFit classes as well (9a and 10a)

Discounted to: $69/ Month

The ACFT test includes:

  • 3 REPETITION MAXIMUM DEADLIFT (MDL). Deadlift the maximum weight possible three times.
  • STANDING POWER THROW (SPT) Throw a 10-pound medicine ball backward and overhead for distance.
  • HAND RELEASE PUSH-UP – ARM EXTENSION (HRP) 2 MINUTES. Complete as many Hand-Release Push-ups as possible in two minutes
  • SPRINT-DRAG-CARRY (SDC) Conduct 5 x 50 meter shuttles for time – sprint, drag, lateral, carry and sprint
  • LEG TUCK (LTK) OR PLANK (PLK) LEG TUCK: Complete as many leg tucks as possible; maintain a relative vertical posture while moving the hips and knees up and down without excessive swinging. PLANK: Maintain a proper plank position for as long as possible
  • TWO-MILE RUN (2MR) Run two miles for time on a measured, generally flat outdoor course.