Tue 10-2-18

CrossFit Salem South, CrossFit West Salem – CrossFit

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1: General Warm Up 2 (No Measure)

D&B High Knees

10 Squats

D&B Butt Kickers

10 Lunges

D&B Bear Crawl

10 Push Ups

D&B Side Shuffle

10 Good Mornings

Arm and Shoulder Rotations

Banded Arm/Lat stretch from the rig

20 Band pass throughs & pull aparts

2: Bench Press (10,9,8… 1 (AHAP, all at same weight if possible))

Superset with barbell curls, 25:00 to complete.

3: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM 10:00

Odd: Assault bike calories

Even: Burpees