Wed 5-30-18

CrossFit Salem South, CrossFit Salem West – CrossFit

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1: General Warm Up 1 (No Measure)

2 rounds:

Lunge down (length of gym)

10 Squats

Bear Crawl back

10 Push Ups

Samson stretch 30 sec. each leg

10 Good Mornings

2: Metcon (Time)

400m sprint

Rest 2 mins

30 cal row

20 shoulder to overhead@95/65

30 lateral box jump overs(24/20)

Rest 2 mins

20/14 cal bike

30 squat cleans@95/65

20 toes to bar

Rest 2 mins

30 wallballs@20/14

20 deadlifts@95/65

30 Burpees

Rest 2 mins

400m sprint
400m sprints on each end. The three metcons in the middle are meant to be sprints and can be done in any order. Rest 2 mins between each one. Pick a scaling option that gets the metcons done in 4-6 mins each.